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Children's Youth
 Sunday School

At the Ascension we believe that our children are our most valued asset - they are not just the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!


Our 10:00 Sunday service is aimed at including all ages in the worship, in ways that are meaningful and spiritual for all.


Our "small friends" are invited to the front of the church for a few moments to have special time with the preacher.


Known as Children's Focus, this time has come to be appreciated by the children as well as the young at heart! The children are then led, by their teachers, to a separate part of the church where they learn what it is to be children of God, and part of the church family, using the same scriptural passages as their parents and grandparents are hearing.


Through crafts, games, music and stories, the children live the messages of the Bible before coming back to be part of the Eucharist, or communion, with the whole church.


We believe that all baptised persons are full members of the church family, and so welcome them to our family meal of bread and wine.

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